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I have an Student Loan Question,please help me.
Can anyone tell me, or find a link about not paying your student loan...EVER!!! I know that filing bankrupt doesn't cover it anymore, BUT, there must be a way out of a mortgage payment for a 2 family loan situation. For those who are thinking -- PAY IT -- this family is unable to do that at this point. They are wondering if they wait ten years, 15 years 50 yrs will this ever just get written off?? I would like you to support your yes or no answer with a link to where you got your ...

Robotics in College
Is the 'robotics field' a very advisable.. career.. erf, what a word.. for someone who.. wants a bunch of computer programming experience has a huge interest in animatronics borne from Farscape/Star Wars likes wires/gadgetry- but tends to rather suck (currently) at messing with them? Answer, please- I'm interested in some comments from those who actually Know The Field-If you are really serious about building robots, then I would strongly suggest taking a Computer Engineering...

Trimerge Credit Report
If I can order my credit report from Experian for $8, why do lenders charge a $50 to $60 credit report fee when applying for a home loan?The Trimerge credit report obtained for $8 is a simple infile credit report from a single repository. As a repeat customer, I can obtain one with credit scoring for less than $5. The more costly report needed to submit your loan to a Fannie Mae investor; or to qualify you as creditworthy to an individual lender is a tri-merge; which collates data ...

US engineering schools
I know you have seen this question and answered it so please forgive me for asking again. Try your best to filter the bias and tell us, what are the best Electrical Engineering schools in the US? Both Undergrad and Graduate but especially BSEE and BSEE w/ CS. Does any one have an opinion and better yet experience, with UCF in Orlando?-mit, stanford, umichigan, uillinois, cornell, UTAustin, VaTech, pennstate, to name a few its all a matter of personal preference, you will be s...

Vicious "Same Day Payday Loans" for US Troops?
Vicious "Same Day Payday Loans" for US Troops?- But spokesmen for the industry argue that stores with names such as Planet Cash offer a service "bridging the gaps between paydays" that banks, credit unions and the military can't or won't provide - same-day loans to troops who are credit risks. At a typical payday store, a borrower would show a pay stub and proof of a bank account to borrow $100 for a charge of $120. The borrower writes a check for $120 and postdates the check to hi...

Unsecured Credit Card For People With Bad Credit, information?
I'm 28 years old, and have no credit history, since I didn't go to college after highschool and didnt get the plethora of "student" creditcard offers that all my friends did. Obviously, it sucks to be 28 years old with no credit, so I want to do anything I can to remedy this as soon as possible. I was wondering if there would be any benefit for me to apply for several "secured" creditcards at once? Since most cards that I have found offer base $500 credit limits with the minimum se...

2-line wireless phone system (4 phones) ?
Does anyone know if there is a way to process credit cards via a wireless phone? Besides the voice authorization feature.I have seen many cell based CC swipe devices at trade shows. They work just like the traditional type. Another method would probably be, although I haven't researched it, using a wireless web capable Palm type device or cell phone and a web based CC system such as I believe many of the CC processors have a web based "virtual" terminal for processing c...

Who has the best mortgage refinance rates in town....preferably with zero or low closing costs?
Who has the best mortgage refinance rates in town....preferably with zero or low closing costs?- and check their financial forum.. -Look in the Friday business section of the Dallas Morning News. They lists several local mortgage lenders and their respective rates....

Cell Phone vs Home Phone ?
My wife and I have been toying with replacing our existing "fixed" phone with our cell phone. Here's why: 1) We can call anywhere in the US - at no charge. 2) We can get our calls anytime we have the cell phone - we don't have to be home. 3) We get rid of the "crazy" required extras the "fixed" phone company bills you for. Our average phone bill is $100. 4) The cost is low - 2 cell phones with 200+ minutes is just $75. Can anyone offer any experience or other information we...

Chapter 7 bankruptcy - what information could be provided to the bankruptcy clerk's office to either halt the Chap 7...
Regarding an individual filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy - what information could be provided to the bankruptcy clerk's office to either halt the Chap 7 procedure or encourage a ruling where the debtor would have to repay the creditors at a later time? Unfortunately, while debtors rights are clarified, information on behalf of the creditor is elusive. There must be general guidelines a creditor could fall back on. In an instance where the able bodied debtor is a school instructo...

Army Corp of Engineers, immediate tsumani solution
The quickest way to solve the problems of the Asian disaster, is to activate all branches of the Army Corps of Engineers, dispatch them to all the disaster areas, and make sure they have the hardware to rebuild, feed, and assist the victims. Full activation and deployment of Army, Marine and Navy corps of engineers. Why hasn't this been done? Because spins are being scripted and played for the U.N., if the U.S. did what I suggested, the U.N. can't straddle this situation an...

Renters Credit Check
Is it fair to pay a fee to process an application for a rental? what does a credit check cost the manager? should this be refundable if the applicant is rejected or a credit check is never even done? thanks for any help in this matter.I can't imagine an up-front fee like this being legal, as it would probably violate fair-housing statutes and anti-discrimination laws. If it is legal, I would stay away from any landlord who wanted to do this, for fear of other crap he might pull down...

Need Engineer Jokes
If anyone knows of a list of engineering jokes please give me some information or post them.-There are some enginineer jokes in the Science Jokes collection, especially in section =5. "The mathematician, the physicist and the engineer (and others)". There are some others marked with a `E' in the header of the joke. You can find the science jokes in the following places: FTP: FTP: WW...

Cell Phone service plans.... ?
I was wondering if there are any good phone plans like where the monthly fee is around $10 - $15 or something. I need a phone or something like a text messenger that I can talk or type from one person to another for really cheap. I would rather have just a text messenger, but the all are like $15 that seems a bit high for text messenging.I don't use my cell that often. So I got T-mobile's prepaid plan. Fill up to $100 in prepaid minutes (1000 minutes), and you're set for one year...

harris county appraisal district is asleep
there are 2 story residences listed as single story structures in wesy houston and thus apparently undervalued by harris county appraisal district who at harris county appraisal district can be contacted to correct this so the homeowners can begin to pay their share of these dastardly property taxes?Take a look at teh HCAD website at and get teh phone number....

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