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"How & Why" books--intro to engineering
This came up once before but not much of a response? When I was young, there was a series of books for kids called "How & Why". IIRC, one was on bridges, the other on buildings in general. Others covered all sorts of sciences--electricity, geology, etc. These were an excellent introduction to engineering. I remember the books explaining things like compression strength, shearing strength, and tensile strength, and the ability of different materials. It also disussed the reso...

Sprint have best data plan bar none?
I'm thinking of switching cell carriers and upgrading to smart phone that has email and Internet access It "appears" to me that for $15/month I can get unlimited data through spint whereas other carriers typically want $40/month for that. Is this correct? Am I reading their info correct? Does Sprint have best data plan bar none so far?Not having ever tried Sprint and not knowing what your criteria for "best" is, I can't say, but you are going about this the wrong way. Price...

Need information about the electrical engineering profession
I've just recently became interested in electrical engineering. Can you please tell me what exactly an electrical engineer does and how the working environment is like for an electrical engineer?> I've just recently became interested in electrical engineering. Can > you please tell me what exactly an electrical engineer does and how the working Electrical engineering is concerned with the production, transmission, and use of electrical energy. This encompasses a lot of st...

small office phone system ?
We have a small office with 3 CO lines and 5 extensions. I really want a KSU-less system but have tried the ATT964 and Panasonic wireless KX-TG4000, both with undesirable results. I have pretty much convince myself that I need a KSU system and have narrowed down the search to the Panasonic 624 and 308. I have a few questions and hope someone can help me out. 1. Besides digital vs analog, what is the advantage of the 308 over 624. I am leaning towards the 624 for the bundled C...

What is the best account type to use for a home equity line of credit in Quicken 98?
What is the best account type to use for a home equity line of credit in Quicken 98? I could do this as a credit card account, but it would be nice for Quicken to calculate the payments & amortization. Can it deal with a loan where the principal amount changes each month? Is this something to add to the wish list for Q99?I have been using a Credit Card account type for my equity line for the past 6 years and it has worked fine. Since the balance changes as you make payments and...

General Engineering case # question
Is there any way of finding out when (and if!) a specific engineering case is expected to be fixed, or do I just need to keep watching the EBF's as they come out? The one I'm interested in (382022) is not in EBF 3044 (nor did I expect it to be, since it's fairly recent), but was wondering if there's any way of finding out if it will be fixed in a later EBF, or if I need to come up with a workaround for a year or so.Once an engineering case has been fixed, you should be able to sear...

mortgage and debt consolidation loans

cable phone service ?
what does everyone think about cable phone service and should i get it?, i dont like how its not always on like our land lines are , but then again that's why they cost more .VOIP is MUCH cheaper than PSTN phone service. The quality has been almost indistinguishable from my PSTN service - as good or better than cell phone. You can get phone numbers in about any are code you want, including toll free numbers. You can have the same inexpensive phone service anywhere you have a broadb...

VOIP: Internet Telephone Question ?
I just recently signed up for telephone service through my cable company (It is supposed to be installed Tuesday, December 5.) Other than my cable company, I had considered services such as Vonage and Sunrocket. After I signed up with my cable company, I was thinking and had the following question: Is it possible to subscribe to two different VOIP telephone services at the same time and be able to use either of them whenever you want? In other words, after I port my current telep...

Arch Engineering v Civil?
I am wondering what the advantage is to getting a degree in architectural engineering as opposed to a degree in civil engineering with additional course work in architecture. I have an opportunity to attend a school with an architectural engineering program, but it would involve a major move. If I stay where I am I can get a civil engineering degree. I want to be an architectural engineer. Any help would be appreciated.To learn what architectural engineers do, visit: KU Architectur...

HELP !!! Seller 'carries back' second Mortgage. How ???
I'm not so clear on this and would like to hear some imput from anyone who might have been involved or even understands such a transaction. If you want the seller to 'take back' a second mortgage, as money down for example, how will this work? First off all, I suppose you assume that 2nd M an make payments, BUT, do you have to qualify for the bank to allow transfer of this 2nd M. What about the bank financing your first M, what happens when they get wind that you're buying the proper...

Could you tell me some ideas about Free Debt Management Program?
This expense with my car was going to be my last straw financially. I decided to try to find some way to handle it other than suicide. So I called one of the numbers we give hotline callers who are having debt problems--a place called Genus Credit Management. I feel much better. The person on the phone was really helpful and reassuring. And it's free, so it's not another expense for me. They're going to talk to my creditors and try to work it out so I only have one monthly payment on...

Check out the Microsoft Cordless Phone System 2.0 ?
The Microsoft Cordless Phone System is the first 900MHz cordless phone that links to your PC, helping you manage your calls and messages with greater control and flexibility. The Call Manager software included gives you sophisticated voice mail, Voice Command dialing, and enhanced caller ID features. The Microsoft Cordless Phone system is a 40 channel, 900MHz cordless phone that gives you more range and clarity than a standard cordless phone. You'll enjoy static free phone conver...

Let the auto loan people come and take the van since it is not benefiting me - will this result in negative on my report?
I had an automobile loan prior to filing bankruptcy. At the hearing the Judge denied the creditors motion to reaffirm the auto loan since I had possession of the vehicle and I was not delinquent in payment. In my credit report now after the BK, the loan sporadically shows up here and there. It either shows as included in bankruptcy or doesn't show at all. I have been on a 1 year letter writing campaign to all the bureaus but it requires almost an act of congress to deal with th...

Vicious "Same Day Payday Loans" for US Troops?
Vicious "Same Day Payday Loans" for US Troops?- But spokesmen for the industry argue that stores with names such as Planet Cash offer a service "bridging the gaps between paydays" that banks, credit unions and the military can't or won't provide - same-day loans to troops who are credit risks. At a typical payday store, a borrower would show a pay stub and proof of a bank account to borrow $100 for a charge of $120. The borrower writes a check for $120 and postdates the check to hi...

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